Chicago Old

Chiampas Gus - Tsapanezos - Family 1965

Gountanis Peter 4 - 21 - 2009

Kostas Bolos Georgia Gountanis And Nick Bolos

Nick Bolos - George Romas - John Margiolas And Kostis Bolos

Central Society Tsipianiton Meeting 1967

Dr And Mrs Korkos Peter And Jim Gountanis With Mrs Raftopoulos

Jim Karones And Eleni Gountanis

Peter Gountanis And Sam Conis 1955

Peter Gountanis, Sam Conis And Friends

President Jimmy Carter 7 Gus Kouros

Gus Kouros And President Jimmy Carter 5 - 1980

Gus Kouros City Council Inauguration. He Was Elected To The Council 9 Consecutive Times

Kouros Speaking At His Inauguration

Kouretsos - Spangos - Jim Karonis - K. Kouretsos Kouros - Kontoyepos

Olympic Flame Party In Tripolis

1st Meeting Of Our Club 1925

1995 Parade

1995 Parade - 2

Angelopoulos Jim And Josephine

Angelos Lena And Margaret Papandreou

Boulougouris Family Name

Club 1956

Club 1963

Club - Men And Women1956

Fay J. Papadakis And First Lady Hilary Clinton

Jim - Georgette Papadakis - Nick - Kathy Romas

Karonis Brothers George, Jim, Andrew Karonis And Sister Vsiliki K. Papadakis

Karonis Jim With His Family And Pat Chiampas - 1940s

Karonis - Helen , Sophia And George A.

Karonis-Jim - Francis And Son Tom

Kouros Gus

Monastery - Kenoshia - 1

Monastrery - Kenoshia - 2

Panagakis Nick - Toula And Andreas Matalas

Panagakis Pakis And Family

Panagakis Peter And Dina And Elias And Dina Papadakis

Panagakis Peter And Dina With Children And Grandchildren

Panagakis Timos Kids 1982

PanagakisTimos Daughters 1982

Papadakis Brothers And Sisters, Vasiliki Missing 6 - 12 - 66

Papadakis Elias And Dina

Papadakis KostasAnd Vasiliki With Grandchildren - 1980

Papadakis Vasiliki Kosta And Jim - Sophia Gournis 1974

Romas Sam And Family

Syreggelas - Dino - George And Tom

Syreggelas Stavros And Helen

Syreggelas Family

Syreggelas Tom And Extended Family

Syreggelas Tom And Dino And Family

Syreggelas Women

Tsakopoulos - Papagianis - Letsos And Georgia K Papadakis

Tsakopoulos - Pat Chiampas3 - 74

Tskopoulos - Vasio - Panos And Georgia

Dino Alex 001

DinoAlex - 1



Syregelas Stavros And Family 1956